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Bestiaire : Comptine de l'orignal et du cheval / Horse and Moose Poem (5/10)

Comptine de l'orignal et du cheval (joual)
Horse and Moose Poem
ô l'orignal
du boréal
cheval dada
du Canada
hey moose
out of the north
is Dada horse
from Canada
ô l'orignal
de Montréal
et les chevaux
de l'Ontario
hey moose
from Montreal
and the horses
of Ontario
cerf orignal
basque et cheval
de bois dur dur
sous les ramures
dear (deer) moose
hanging around
tough guy horse
hiding in the bushes
hé l'orignal
neige fondue
toi le cheval
oreilles touffues
hey the moose
melted snow
you horse
bushy ears
le grand cheval
Pégase naturel
great horse
you’re a one
an original
a regular Pegasus
hue hue joual
papa Tzara
sur son cheval
cosaque dada
phoney to you, pony
Tzara Daddy-O
a Dada Cossack
on a hobby-horse
un orignal
des orignaux
le joual (cheval)
joue aux chevaux
a moose
the joual (horse)*
plays horses
tire ton traîneau
bouche de chameau
stoppe au signal
fils d'orignal
pull your sled
and stop at the lights
you son of a moose
* joual=horse, Montreal dialect
William Brown : Gravure sur bois et traduction
Poème de Lucien Suel

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Anonymous Anonyme said...

From the horses and buggies of southern ontario where the joual is a foreign tongue, and nary a moose still roams, the Moosehead only flows in the pipes. No signs warn of their crossing; their ton of solid girth is never caught in the headlights of moving steel, laying it to waste; no dawn warnings of collective river passage, only Rocky and Bullwinkle.


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